• Slimming Factor (Generation 2 / 60pills)

      • Slimming Factor (Generation 2 / 60pills)
      • Slimming Factor (Generation 2 / 60pills)
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    Slimming Factor,100% original xian zhi su  Generation 2

    Slimming Factor G2 is traditional herbal slimming formula, it is working very fast .

    Dosage: 10 days supply

    Specification: 30 pills/bottle, 2 bottles/box ,60 pills in total .250mg/pill

    Usage: twice each day at morning and night ,3 pills each time .

    ingrediance:  葛根(the root of kudzu vine),薏苡仁(Semen Coicis),山楂(hawthorn) 枸杞子,(medlar ),菊花(ch rysanthemum),荷叶(lotus leaf),昆布(THALLUS ECKLONIAE ),莱菔子(SEMEN RAPHANI ),决明子(cassia seed ) 绞股蓝皂甙,(Gypenoside ),茶多酚 (Camelliasinensis Tags) and so on.


    1.Applicable age range: 18 year's old -- 55 year's old 
    2. no pregnancy ,no nursing ,no breasting feeding, if you have any medical condition or are taking any medication consult your health care professional prior to buying or use.
    3.drink plenty of water , take more fruit and vegetable .